Huntsville Ghost Walk

Started in 2009 by three spirited people: Jacque Reeves, a historian and writer; Robert Reeves, a television news anchor and story teller; and Kevin Thompson, a training officer with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office as well as head of the Madison County Paranormal Research Society. Their information, thoroughly researched and tested by the paranormal group, was further verified by a medium. It was important to the guides of Huntsville Ghost Walk that no stories would be embellished, and reverence to the dead, as well as the past, was imperative. Our other expert tour guides include Wil Elrick, Bob Boyer, Van Brown, Rebecca Freeman, David Hitt, Beth Kershner, Winter Forest, and two other members of the Madison County Paranormal Research Society, Leslie Kilgore (who refers to herself as the pop culture correspondent) and Randy Kilgore. Three walking tours take visitors deep into Huntsville’s haunted history in the Twickenham Historic District, the Old Town Historic District, and the Haunted Downtown District. Our Haunted Trolley Tours are offered on Saturday nights in September and October and take visitors outside of Huntsville’s core for more spine-tingling stories. See for more information and see our photographs on (Huntsville Ghost Walk)