About Us

Avalon Tours LLC, licensed in Huntsville and Madison County, was founded by historian Jacquelyn Procter Reeves. Jacque has written twelve books on local history and is a regular writer for Old Tennessee Valley Magazine and editor/writer for Valley Leaves, a publication for the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society. She has written commercials for WHNT-TV to commemorate Huntsville’s Bicentennial, has taught history via distance learning through Early Works Museum, and is the past chairman of the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll. Jacque is also the curator of the historic Donnell House Museum and is a frequent guest speaker at meetings and receptions. She has written for several other local publications and has been a contributing writer for other local books.


Jacque Reeves named her business Avalon, the same name as her ancestor’s plantation, now known by quite a different name – the University of Alabama Huntsville. Captain Lewellen Jones, a descendent of Llewellyn ap Griffud, the last Welsh-born Prince of Wales as well as Rev. Rowland Jones, the first rector of Williamsburg’s Bruton Parish, was a dragoon in the American Revolution. He left his native Virginia to come into the deep South, settling in the territory that would become known as Alabama.